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The real estate market is ever a work in progress, changing with the economic climate and demands of the clients. Determining an individual company's space needs is a unique skill based upon a synthesis of knowledge and experience. It requires careful research regarding the types of tenants and businesses in an area; knowledge of the buildings, owners and managers; and the ability to project a company's future growth needs.

Utilizing a project team, which may include attorneys, architects, construction managers, and telecommunications experts, Adams & Company will evaluate the provisions of every lease to eliminate the possibility of costly errors.

In the capacity of tenant representative and market analyst, Adams & Company Real Estate has provided successful relocation studies for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. As consultants to property owners, Adams & Company Real Estate has repeatedly created niche market buildings to encourage extended tenancies.

Our marketing acumen ensures high occupancy rates and has served as a bridge over economic downturns.

Whether acting as a consultant to the property owner, managing agent, or tenant, Adams & Company Real Estate brings a fresh perspective to clients' space criteria and provides the best solutions for all participants.
Real Estate is constantly changing. Stay informed!
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